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Masonry Restoration: Eco-Friendly Concrete

Often misunderstood, concrete masonry is an excellent choice for several reasons. Here’s a look at the beneficial features of opting for concrete.

Masonry Restoration: Understanding Wythe

A wythe is a single layer of brick that can function independently or interlocked with another adjoining wythe. Serving as either a structural or non-structural component of a building, this system provides several beneficial features.

3 Types of Masonry Brick Walls

There are three major styles of masonry brick walls: solid, cavity, and veneer. Each style has its own unique features and individual strengths.

Concrete Sealing FAQs

In this article, we’re providing you with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding concrete sealing.

Concrete Repair Operations: An In-Depth Look

Concrete repair is a precise process requiring specific technique, material, and expertise. This article takes an in-depth look at the elements needed to ensure the highest-quality of masonry work.

Masonry Parapet Walls

A masonry parapet wall is a vertical extension of the building’s wall at the edge of its roofline. Serving a variety of functions, these walls are crucial to commercial structures.

Masonry Restoration in Boston: Stone Deterioration and Repair

The following is the second in a two-part series on brick and stone restoration.

Masonry Building Restoration: Brick Harvesting, Repair or Replacement

The following is the first of a two-part series on brick and stone restoration.

Multiple Reasons for Concrete Deterioration

If not applied and maintained correctly, concrete can deteriorate, causing the need for concrete repair in Boston. This article highlights the multiple reasons why a concrete structure may be failing.

How Masonry Weatherproofing Protects Concrete and Brick

Whether your building is constructed of concrete or brick, proper masonry weatherproofing techniques can protect the surface for years to come. This article focuses on the benefits of weatherproofing both concrete and brick surfaces.

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