Brick Wall Types 
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Brick Wall Types 

There are three basic categories of masonry brick walls: solid, cavity and veneer. Each of these wall styles has its own unique features and individual strengths.

solid-brick-wallSolid Walls

Solid walls are masonry brick walls that are two or more layers thick. These walls are held together with metal ties or header bricks. The header bricks are laid perpendicular to the plane of the wall. Solid wall strength is a function of wall thickness, brick and mortar durability, and the strength of the mortar bond.

Cavity Walls

cavity-wallCavity walls consist of an outer layer of brick is attached to an inner support. An air space of 2-4 inches separates the outer layer and the inner support. The inner support can either be another brick wall, a concrete block wall, or poured concrete. Cavity walls represent an ideal masonry system for preventing water penetration because the air space itself acts as a water barrier.

brick-veneer-on-steel-studsVeneer Walls

Veneer walls typically consist of a single layer of bricks tied to steel or wooden studs. As a single layer wall has low insulation value, insulation is attached to the studs and not incorporated within the masonry.

Signs of Brick Deterioration

It is important to pay attention to any of the signs of brick deterioration, including:

  • Stains, cracks, or missing mortar
  • Delamination
  • Efflorescence (white stains that result from the water extracting salts from the brick)
  • Broken or loose bricks

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