Concrete Deterioration
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Concrete Deterioration

Concrete is among the most durable building materials available.  However, concrete can deteriorate if it is not used and maintained properly. Some of the typical conditions that may cause concrete deterioration are as follows:

  • Inadequate Materials
  • Insufficient Concrete Cover over Reinforcing Bars
  • Misaligned Columns from One Level to Anotherdeterioratedwall-1524010
  • Electrical Conduit Placed Too Close to the Surface
  • Excessive Deflection in Beams Caused by Premature Removal of Shoring
  • Honeycombing
  • Spalling and Delamination

Should you notice any of these issues, Abbot can help with your Concrete Restoration in Massachusetts. For more information, contact us via email at or call us at 617-445-0274.

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