Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Concrete Sealing
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Concrete Sealing

Concrete masonry is among the most durable building components available.  However, this material will deteriorate over time if not properly maintained, especially in the Northeast with our ever-changing weather conditions.  From our experience at Abbot Restoration, concrete sealing can be among the most effective methods for protecting concrete structures.

This article will highlight a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning the care of concrete masonry. For this article, the terms “coatings” and “sealers” are used interchangeably.


concrete sealing

Why consider concrete sealing?

Concrete is a porous material that can easily absorb elements such as rain and ice.  Water absorption becomes a potential issue when you consider the freeze-thaw cycles that occur during our colder seasons. As water freezes, it can expand, causing concrete to chip and break away.  Concrete sealing cannot only prevent water penetration, but can also assist with filing hairline cracks and existing separations.



Does concrete quality matter?

Concrete quality can vary widely. Poor quality concrete can ultimately cause building deterioration.  One of the significant reasons for the deterioration of the concrete is improper calculation of ingredients mixed in the formulation.

One method of determining the extent of concrete deterioration is core sampling. To achieve the utmost accuracy, it is important to take samples of both deteriorated and undamaged areas. By doing so, comparisons can be made, providing clues to the reason for the deterioration.



Are there different types of concrete sealers?

With advanced technology, there are two main coating types typically utilized.  Clear coatings are based on silicone, silane, and siloxane compounds that penetrate masonry surfaces. These types of coatings are available in gloss or matte finish.

Pigmented coatings are based on advanced water-based acrylic or elastomeric materials. These coatings are available in an array of color choices to provide the flexibility to change the appearance of the masonry surface.



As one of the most effective methods for preservation, concrete sealing can protect your structure for years to come.  For more information on choosing the proper sealer for your masonry needs, contact the experts at Abbot Building at 617-445-0274 or

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