Precautions for Successful Cold Weather Masonry
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Precautions for Successful Cold Weather Masonry

Brick masonry can be properly and safely installed in just about any weather conditions with use of appropriate precautions.

Codes, specifications, and standards provide for protection of the masonry and the masons. The Masonry Standards Joint Committee Code and Specification (MSJC), Section 1.8C on cold weather, lists among its goals as assuring proper mortar curing and proper bonding of mortar and masonry units. Even if a cold weather construction plan is not required in the project specifications, the code requirements are mandatory.

Also, mortar temperature must be kept between 40 degrees and 120 degrees F, and the units above 20 degrees F. Units with ice or snow must not be laid.

17cb0193-3f4a-46ea-a06d-797b5d3841a0Maintaining proper temperature is possible by incorporating one or more of the following strategies:

 Heating sand and/or water

 Setting up wind barriers

 Enclosing and heating entire space

Another consideration is to cover unfinished work at the end of each day. Note that use of additives that may affect curing times must be carefully considered as some additives may be highly corrosive.

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