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SealantsThe use of sealants (caulking) has expanded as façade construction has evolved and new cladding materials have become available. The substrate, movement requirements and aesthetics will determine what type of sealant is best for your restoration project.

Typical Applications Requiring Sealants

  • Joints between stone veneer, concrete, or metal cladding panels
  • Stone to flashing points, masonry expansion, and coping joints
  • Joints at window and door perimeters and glass and glazing perimeters
  • Joints in horizontal surfaces such as plazas and terraces

While the majority of joints are simple butt joints, special joints developed for new applications include fillet joints, lap joints, glazing beads, and glazing heel beads.
Most high performance sealants used today are silicone or polyurethane-based. However, older buildings may contain polysulfide and acrylic, butyl, or even drying oil-based compounds.

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