What are “Quoins?”
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What are “Quoins?”

quoinsAbbott recently restored the facades in two adjacent buildings in Dorchester, Massachusetts. During the restoration process, we cut and rearranged all of the brick, then replaced the deteriorated “quoins” between the brick headers. So just what are “quoins” anyway?

By the strictest definition, a quoin is a defined as an exterior angle located on the outside corner of a building. However, in the masonry construction world, the term more often describes a stone that enforces a corner of a brick or stone building (e.g., “cornerstone”).

The term “quoin” started as an alternative way to spell “coin,” and then became synonymous with the terms “cornerstone” and “wedge.”

Some quoins are ornamental, providing a decorative look to the corner of a building where two exterior walls meet. Others are based on function and satisfy structural purposes, strengthening a building by reinforcing the corners.

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